Sunday, November 17, 2019

The Last Survivors Of Earth!

I've featured these comics compiled in Justice League of America - The Last Survivors of Earth here at the Dojo a number of times, but it's because I really really like 'em. When I first discovered the Justice League of America, Mike Sekowsky was gone and Dick Dillin had just stepped in soon to be joined by inker Joe Giella after Sid Greene's retirement. Gardner Fox was soon to leave too, but not so much by his own choice and soon popped up at Marvel on one thing and then another. Denny O'Neil was his replacement and we have many of those stories here as well as most of those written by Denny's replacement Mike Friedrich. It's the latter that makes this volume so delightful. Friedrich brought a bright and (to use a modern phrase) "woke" social relevance to "The World's Greatest Super-Heroes" and they found themselves attacking fewer super-villains and more world problems like pollution, racism, and such as that. There is a bizarre unpredictability to these stories with different sets of heroes getting the focus. These stories don't feel dated to me though they are clearly wrought of a particular time and place, and that speaks well of the craft and care taken in making them in the first place.

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