Monday, November 18, 2019


Got my greedy greedy mitts on this ginormous collection of public domain cartoons. Of course many of them I have scattered here and there in other low-priced sets picked up through the years, but not all and having them all bundled into one space will push me I think to sample more thoroughly. There's nothing I like more just before I blink off into slumber than to scarf up a cartoon or two. Usually I'm snoring by the second one, but that reflects more on my weariness than the entertainment value of the cartoon. These seem ideal for months of nightly sampling as there are many varied and unusual cartoons here.

(Caveman Scratch, Colonel Bleep from planet Futura, and cowboy puppet Squeak.)

In fact I've already made one interesting discovery. How I've gone this long without some detailed knowledge of  the pioneering cartoon Colonel Bleep is beyond me, but I"m most impressed by this exceedingly limited by nonetheless imaginative animation from the earliest days of TV cartoons. Other unknown treasures await I'm certain.

Rip Off

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  1. I prefer more limited animation to current attempts to basically duplicate reality, impressive as it is. There's an argument to be made for animation as its own art form in this neat documentary about UPA cartoons:


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