Saturday, January 31, 2015

When Comics Were King!

King Features Syndicate has had some reasonably good luck over the past century of their existence getting their comic strips adapted to comic book form. Below is a very meager sampling of what has hit the stands over the last one hundred years. These are the comics which have run this month in the Favorite Cover feature celebration of the centennial of King Features, with a few others thrown in which couldn't find a day. Enjoy!

From The Yellow Kid to Zippy the Pinhead with a lot of kids, heroes, and fools in between -- I see a real circular nature to the evolution of King Features. For one hundred years or better comics have really been about us, as much as we'd like to sometimes imagine that wasn't the case.

Are we having fun yet? You betcha!

Rip Off

Friday, January 30, 2015

The Art Of OMAC!

To close out this month-long look at Jack Kirby's OMAC, here are some of the "King's" delicious art in its raw original form.

And to see some raw Kirby in Italian go here. It's kismet.

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