Monday, April 22, 2019

A Belated Mike Check!

After I'd finished composing my list of my sixty favorite artists, I found some that I'd overlooked or had to replace and they worked their way onto the nearly-made-it list. Some I think of as inkers primarily and they will show up in a separate list coming to a Dojo near you soon, but even after all of that, there was one artist who suddenly came to mind. He was one of the greats, but like so many an artist with a distinctive style and as many detractors as fans -- the one and only Mike Sekowsky. I didn't like Sekowsky all that much when I first started reading comics, but as additional reading experience began to color my opinions I began to treasure his work more and more. He did some great work on the Justice League of America before handing off the reins to Dick Dillin.

He then produced what I think is still his most consistent and fascinating work -- The New Wonder Woman. Partnered with Denny O'Neil, Diana Prince borrowed style from Diana Rigg and really became something quite different -- a heroine, not a super heroine and that made all the difference.  I've always liked his offbeat take on The Metal Men though it didn't save that series from ultimate cancellation. Later still he went to Marvel on The Inhumans and elsewhere and did some key work for the failed Atlas-Seaboard outfit.

Rip Off

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