Friday, January 11, 2019

To Shmooth The Soul!

It's looking to be a snowy snowy weekend in these parts, as as the first big blanket of white nestles in across the region and brings a marginal pall to the hustle and bustle, it seems an ideal time to dig out my Dark Horse Archives volume featuring Al Capp's Shmoo. The rank absurdity of the Shmoo seems to me a healthy balm to the madness which slithers out of the nation's capitol on  what seems an hourly basis. So I'll gift myself a Trump-free weekend and instead dive into the hearty and healthy madness of Shmoo.

And if there's still time or I manage to wrangle a snow day next week, I might have time to do more Shmoo-zing in Kitchen Sink's collection of the world's most lovable and infinitely useful fantastical creation. 

Rip Off


  1. Wow, I had no idea that the Shmoo (Shmoos? Shmooze?) Had so many appearances . Love the pictures you posted. Last year I picked up a coverless copy of Lil'Abner's "Sadie Hawkins" issue . The Shmoo were featured prominently. Much fun; as you noted much more fun than following current events out of Washington...

    1. Shmoozing is a nifty way to ignore the awful dumbness with abounds.

      Rip Off


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