Thursday, January 3, 2019


I'm not sure when my consciousness became aware of Joe Kubert's remarkable publication Sojourn. Likely is was when it was first available in the late 70's. It was a time when comic book men were looking for new ways to ply their craft and make connections with audiences who would pay the piper to get good material. Guys like Kubert, Doug Wildey, Lee Elias, John Severin, Dick Giordano, and Sergio Aragones always seemed to be looking for outlets which gave them the ability to stretch beyond the severe limits of the newsstand comic book pamphlet.

In Sojourn, a tabloid-sized publication which defied the expectations and alas the demands of the newsstand these talents and others found a momentary outlet for something slightly different. Kubert revived again in his 50's creation Tor, Wildey gave us T.C. Race a detective of sorts, Giordano with writer Mary Skrenes dabbled in science fiction with something titled "The Smooth", Severin gave us "The Eagle" a western from the native perspective (this one was actually reprinted later by Warren), Elias offered up "Kronos" an adventure yarn and Aragones presented "T.C. Marrs", a another detective in his own distinctive style. There's other stuff too such asart by a young Stephen Bissette.

Sojourn was a failed experiment, lasting only issues. But I've always wanted to sample them first hand and a few days ago I found them both in nifty shape for an exceedingly nifty price. Nearly all of these grand talents have passed on, but here are two experimental publications which give them elbow room to showcase their talent. They are over-sized and difficult to store, but I'm glad to have them at long last, see what my imagination only dreamed of so many decades ago.

Rip Off


  1. That's Eddie Race, of course. Wildey obviously liked the name Race as he had a writer character in an unsold strip named Race Dunhill and then there was the character in Jonny Quest. I've really grown to appreciate Wildey's art over the years and would love to see his strip Ambler collected in hardcover.

    1. He did a lot of great westerns for Atlas too and I'd love to see those put between two covers. I don't know what the audience would be, but for the creator of Rio it might be more than you'd suspect.

      Rip Off


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