Tuesday, January 8, 2019

A Day In The Anti-Life - National Emergency!

And now it gets very very scary. Our Dotard-in-Chief, the buffoon who is our President now has all but given up any attempts to "get a deal" and is threatening to announce a "National Emergency" so that he can invoke his Commander-in-Chief powers and order the military to build the wall he cannot convince even his own fellow Republicans to fund. This is the most dangerous thing yet in my opinion. Ordering troops to the border to repel mobs of mothers and children was sufficiently heinous, but now the dope wants to make those who by oath cannot tell him no to go and build his wasteful wall. He is at once betraying the trust the soldiers should have in their leader and betraying the common citizen by militarizing our domestic border.

As I write this he has not done it, but the idea seems to have found some small purchase among the detritus in his dome and you can tell that as other folks don't recoil with horror at the idea, he is becoming more and more comfortable with making it a reality. That's core of our problem. We have a dangerous fool for a leader, a man who is unaware of history and in all probability an asset for the Russian government, but still he has a third of this country in his pocket and a counter-media bullhorn that Reifenstahl could only dream of. Hearts and minds are being changed into something dark and dangerous as the dread of the outsider dominates the land.

The national emergency is not at the border, which would pose less of a threat to civil society were it left completely unattended than it does as a potential military encampment stretching across the entirety of the land. The national emergency is in Congress, specifically now the Senate which is recumbent in the face of nigh daily depredations against the spirit if not the actual words of the Constitution. It has not been all that long since another wall came tumbling down, a wall not meant to keep people out but to keep people in. When a "wall" is built, if it is built, when does what is outside it look better than what cowers inside it. Our So-Called-President speaks tonight as the nation toddles into the new year -- take care one and all.

Rip Off


  1. I know this was more of a post about the jack-off we have to call our leader but holy crap I never knew an Emergency comic book ever existed! That is so cool! Loved that show.

    1. There were two brief series from Charlton. One was regular comic sized (see the top cover) and the other was magazine sized (bottom two covers). The magazines were initially done by the Neal Adams/ Dick Giordano Continuity Associates team but I don't think they lasted the whole time. Good comics!

      Rip Off


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