Sunday, January 6, 2019

Justice League Of America - The Bronze Age!

This one is in my wheelhouse folks! I ignited as a fan of the JLofA probably a year before the stories in this collection when Gardner Fox was still the writer. It is his departure along with artist Mike Sekowsky and the transition thereafter that marks the end of the Silver Age for the JLofA and the beginning of the Bronze with writers talents like Dick Dillin, Denny O'Neil and Mike Friedich taking the reins of "The World's Greatest Super-Heroes". The Bronze Age begins properly when the League abandons their cavern Sanctuary and establish the greatest base of operations any superhero team has ever had -- the JLA Satellite.

Here the issues in this collection I think. There is no allowance made of the two giant reprint issues during this time, but I assume they are not part of this volume. We have delightful covers by Neal Adams, Gil Kane, and Murphy Anderson.

Rip Off


  1. I used to really love that 25 cent package, which included some great unseen golden age reprint material. Of course, the universe did not agree with me, and that tiny price difference helped Marvel to finally pass DC in sales.

    1. I totally agree. The 25 centers from DC were the ideal package, superseded only by the later 100-page packages. I fell in love with DC in those days and got see so much offbeat material. It's a shame and damn pity that the market ate them alive on that move. It was worthy. Marvel though would've taken the reins eventually anyway, the sun was setting a bit on DC's outlook -- much to my chagrin.

      Rip Off


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