Saturday, August 24, 2019

Pussycat Tails!

Thanks to my new-best-online-friend today Russ, I learned of Pussycat Tales, a reprint of Marvel's vintage Pussycat magazine reprint. I ordered it posthaste and it has arrived. It's a nifty package (ahem) and despite the somewhat smaller dimensions is still a bargain for anyone with a hankering for wacky misadventures of a well-drawn dame. Wally Wood leads the way, but it's the artwork of Jim Mooney and especially that of Bill Ward which makes this one a dazzler. I never get tired of looking at Ward's distinctive interpretations of modern women, women who are hyper sexual and almost always extremely powerful in their way.

In addition to the eleven little stories in this tome we also get some pin-ups. First a gallery dedicated to Lily St. Cyr, the real life inspiration for Pussycat according this tome. Also there is art by Wood, Mooney and especially Ward. They don't make comics like this anymore in these "woke" days but part of my caveman mentality wishes they did, especially as well crafted as these.

Check out this link for more details. It looks like there are a few versions.

Rip Off


  1. I feel as if I've aided and abetted something. Speaking of corrupting the innocent, Ward was also omnipresent in Cracked during its middle era, at his provocative best (though I still prefer the 40's stuff.) Little did parents realize that little Junior was ogling the pneumatic, stiletto-heeled reporter Nanny Dickering regularly in their goofy-looking kid's magazine.

    1. This is blasphemy I know, and as a MAD fan I feel the sting, but the truth is that many a month Cracked was better. With talent like Ward, Severin, and Don Martin when he famously took his talents to the opposition.

      And you cannot corrupt that which is already in dire need of confessions.

      Rip Off