Friday, August 23, 2019

Girls On Film - Caroline!

Caroline Munro might be my favorite of the all the myriad beauties who have graced the screen. Unlike so many others, she has dark luxurious hair and a penetrating stare. Her eyes are stunning and I despite her well-known reputation as a proper lady, I cannot remember a more hypnotizing come hither look.

Ms. Munro was in some of my favorite flicks too (because she's in them I reckon) such as The Golden  Voyage of Sinbad with its late era Harryhausen magic, and even then all eyes are on Carol. There was Captain Kronos, the Vampire Killer and a few other Hammer flicks even one in which she falls prey to Christiopher Lee's Dracula himself.

Most recently I fell in love all again with Munro in her starring role as Stella Starr in the Star Wars wannabe movie Star Crash. It's a crazy movie with a thousand moving parts, but most eyes most of the time are on Munro again.

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  1. I've heard of Captain Kronos, Vampire Killer but I've never seen it which is strange because I've seen most Hammer films.

    1. I was able to get my mitts on it a few years back (after seeing on TCM I think) and was chasing because of my affection for Munro. It's pretty good with some memorable scenes, and not just the ones featuring the fetching Caroline. I did a review many moons ago and was considering re-running after watching the flick again. I think I'll do that.

      Rip Off