Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Dojo Classics - If Uni-Mind Then I Don't Mind!

When the Space Gods land, the Eternals react in many ways. But their leader Zuras has one reaction, to call together the whole of the Eternals population to the city of Olympia (even far away players like Thena, Ikaris, and Sersi - Ajak is notable for his absence, limited as he is by the dome of the Space Gods). They then proceed with a ritual which is better seen than explained.

The Uni-Mind is a pretty ugly image, but imagine the whole of Eternal society having sacrificed their individuality to form the ultimate gestalt, a form which might make them capable of communicating with the Celestial Host.

Kirby has played with the "hive mind" idea before and will do so again in his career, but here it seems a weird expression. The Eternals do not seem to me to be the types of folks who would so blithely give up their individual expressions, but here they do with relative aplomb. 

Rip Off


  1. That's an interesting take on it. I never saw it so much as a hive mind, as a communion of minds, a gestalt, that was more than just the sum of its parts——something that expanded the range & richness of each individual's experience, remaining with them to some extent after the Uni-Mind separated into individuals once more.

    1. I'd say that's true too. I always got the sense that some Eternals resented the Uni-Mind to some extent and were reluctant to participate. Sersi is one who comes to mind. Likely one's mind was an open book in the gestalt and she was girl with secrets I'd guess.

    2. I see your point! Yes, Sersi in particular, too. :)