Thursday, December 12, 2019

A Fantastic And Vivacious Voyage!

Fantastic Voyage is one of those movies that just holds me spellbound when I see it. For those who might not know, it's a the bombastic tale of a team of surgeons and spies who are shrunk to bacterial size to help a dying man who holds the secret in his damaged mind of how to keep things small.

The movie features an ensemble cast with heavyweights like Donald Pleasance, Edmund O'Brien and Arthur Kennedy on hand. I love the pacing of his movie which establishes the story and gets the amazing mission underway in quick fashion. The movie never feels like its running away, but it does have a measured but steady pace that keeps the watcher involved. Something seems always to be happening, even when it takes a second or two to build a bit of character.

The movie was adapted to novel form by the famous Isaac Asimov.

The movie was adapted to comics form by the always ready Gold Key Comics.

Gold Key also published two issues of a comic adapting a cartoon which spun out of the original movie.

And now let me talk Raquel. This movie was the breakout appearance by one of the true bombshells of film history, the astoundingly lovely Raquel Welch. For men of my generation she was the iconic beauty, and not a winsome skinny beauty as fashion wanted to push upon us, but a buxom full-bodied babe who drew your attention without even batting an eyelash. But when she batted those eyelashes..oh man that's one fantastic voyage indeed.

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