Thursday, October 4, 2018

The Phantom Blot!

I've always enjoyed The Phantom Blot when I've chanced upon his dark inky form. Created by Floyd Gottfredson for the Mickey Mouse comic strip, the elegantly designed Blot proved quite popular as villains go and returned again and again. And as we see here was even awarded his own comic book series from Gold Key when they held the Disney license and just about anything Disney found purchase in the marketplace. His series lasted seven issues alas. Only the conniving Beagle Boys from the Duckverse were more successful with their own series which lasted forty-seven issues. Wouldn't you love to read these comics. They need to be collected.

Rip Off


  1. Absolutely love the Blot stories! The Gold Key series in particular but there have been a number of really good European ones over the years, many reprinted by Gladstone and the later licensees.

    1. I found I really liked the European take on many of the Disney characters years ago when I followed the Gemstone books. I've given up Disney pretty much these days, but I'd still pop for some Blot!

      Rip Off


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