Friday, October 12, 2018

An Egg Fu Souffle!

Take a dash of Humpty Dumpty, a dollop of Charlie Chan, a molecule of Salmonella and throw in a gallon of Yellow Peril and you have one of the absolute weirdest villains in the history of comics -- Egg Fu! He was a Commie when he battled Wonder Woman, a deadly if absurd agent of Red China. He was of course...ahem...beaten. (How else would one defeat an egg-shaped enemy?)

Later another Egg Fu, this one dubbed "Egg Fu the Fifth" appears and challenges Wonder Woman again, who is once again able to...well...crack the case.

Finally in the pages of the Metal Men, and not rating a cover appearance, Egg Fu reappears.

This time he is a robot himself who calls himself "Dr. Yes". (Bond fans take note of course.) While at the end of this yarn the ovoid enemy is still out and about, he doesn't ever make another appearance. All three of his appearances were drawn by his co-creator Ross Andru and his longtime partner Mike Esposito. Robert Kanigher is the writer who gave us the egg-shaped fiend.

Much too politically incorrect for the modern world, it doesn't mean that versions of Egg Fu have not emerged. According to some notes this yellow menace is the result of  technology from Apokolips which actually makes a bit of sense. Needless to say the malevolent and relentless Egg Fu was the product of another time, a time which I am eager to say goodbye to and yet nonetheless miss. Sigh.

Rip Off

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