Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Dojo Classics - Wanted!

I adore these covers. I never bought any of these off the racks, but I have managed to get most of them for very cheap off and on over the years. They are good stories by and large, at the time rare indeed. But the covers by Nick Cardy are simply outstanding! The two DC Specials that sparked the series seem to feature covers by Murphy Anderson, but the series itself is lush Cardy all the way through.

Rip Off


  1. I remember buying the first issue back around 1973 as if it were yesterday. I even recall the pal who was with me at the time and our exploration of the local Civic Centre, with whom and with which I yet associate the cover. I think I only bought the first three, which I replaced many years ago and still have to this day. Maybe I'll track down the others before too long. (And I haven't forgotten where I was when I first bought issue 3 as well - the Old Village quarter of my town.) Looking at those covers is almost like reading a diary.

    1. I feel that my friend. That's what comic book covers do for me too. They take me back to times, some exceedingly happy.

      Rip Off


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