Wednesday, October 3, 2018

The Octopus!

Warren's The Spirit was one of those magazines which was a watershed for me as a reader, my first real introduction to the lush work of Will Eisner. Central City was inhabited by all manner of of folks, many recognizable and some not so much. But one denizen of its criminal depths and doughty nemesis of Denny Colt was the mucho mysterious Octupus. A master of disguise, his presence was often only revealed by the appearance of his notorious gloves, the one with three dramatic stripes.

When Harvey Comics revived The Spirit in the 60's they got Will Eisner to produce a few new stories to freshen the tales from earlier decades. One such tale purported to tell of how The Octopus came to be. Below is that story from the original artwork of Eisner himself. Enjoy!

And of course it wasn't.

Rip Off

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