Monday, October 8, 2018

A Day In The Anti-Life - Bind Justice!

My news stations became nearly unwatchable as the never-ending pseudo-drama about the confirmation of the latest hand-picked white guy to sit atop the judicial branch played out in predictable and lamentable fashion. The system to select a Supreme Court justice has been bent for many years, since the Democrats worked overtime to undermine the nomination of Robert Bork, a man clearly qualified to be on the Supreme Court, but alas arrogant enough to not see the political wind in his face. Since then, the system has tumbled along with a modicum of the veneer of bipartisan choice needed to make any pick viable for the whole of the country. And then the Republicans said no to Merrick Garland and the gloves came off. In a brandishing of pure power Mitch McConnell (who to give the devil his due is responsible for nearly all of the successes that the odious Trump brays on about) denied Obama his choice and robbed me as a voter for Obama of the appropriate choice which was to be made as the fates dictated. So now we have another brawl on our hands and of course the folks on the Right moan and groan as if history started this morning as their own choice sat waiting for a simple majority to vote him on and so begin the steady decline of jurisprudence for some time to come.

And who do I blame mostly -- Senators like Jeff Flake. Senator Flake and a very few others like him such as Susan Collins have time and time again bloviated about the poor choices and sometimes horrifying pronouncements of the current Dotard-in-Chief, but have never ever voted to back up their wasted words. Trump knows what a craven character he is, though he lies to convince the rest of us that he's better than that. Flake and his ilk pretend in their hearts that they are virtuous, but each and every day proves that they lots of talk and almost no walk.

The upcoming generation will I think fix most of this nonsense as the current generation dies off and leaves power, but the healing will take decades and I dread that my daughters will have to live in a land which has taken considerable steps backwards before the inevitability of history forces it to move forward once again. The time lost will be costly as others on the world stage grab the rings we leave untouched. Historians will look back and see that during these years the United States curled up like a beaten dog to protect its middles while the savage pack that assailed it prowled on to ravage a helpless world.

We are failing worse that I ever expected possible in the face of the cringe-worthy character who dawdles in the White House. Private corporations have leaped forward to hollow out the governmental offices meant to constrain them and at the same time grab as much of the public wealth as they can before the rules are again battered into place. The news media is being led around by their collective noses, becoming sounding boards for the ill-tempered while ignoring their primary function -- to inform the public. They need to quit telling us how to feel and what to think and just tells what we need to know. Some will not want to hear it, but we cannot fool with fools, but must muster those we can to make a better world, the true mission of the United States despite what the racist scoundrel who pretends to lead us desires. He is not America as he imagines, we are and we need to remember that every minute of every hour of every day from this time forward. We don't need to resist so much as we need to revive.

Rip Off


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    1. We don't need a "One-Man Army", we need for each of us to take full responsibility for those who act in our name and hold them to account when they do things in government we wouldn't allow in our own households. We have become much too accustomed to lying and give it too little accounting when we measure our leaders. But as a country song once said so smartly so long ago -- "if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything."

      Rip Off


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