Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Son Of Dracula!

The memorable Atlas-Seaboard comics company was a flash in the pan, but an exceedingly bright flash. They came forth with comics in nearly all genres and horror was no exception. Attempting to steal a bit of Marvel's glamour, the powers at Atlas thought a comic which brought Dracula into the modern world was a grand idea, but since Marvel already had a very successful one of those, they decided to give Dracula a son and let him serve. Featuring delicious art by the expressive Frank Thorne, the book (technically titled Fright) had one single issue.

Here is one of Thorne's early attempts at a cover for the comic, showcasing his ability to capture motion in frozen frame.

And here is the art for the original cover, more dramatically posed with all eyes directed to the lovely damsels naked neck. Too bad there weren't more of these.

Rip Off


  1. I think Atlas was one of the better "indie" comics publishers of that era. They managed to poach a few artists and writers, and the stories were pretty darn good.

    1. For a few luscious months they were white center of my universe. I fell in with the first wave of debut issues and lasted right up to end. I've long adored what they did, though the motives were dark, the result was bright indeed.

      Rip Off


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