Thursday, June 21, 2018

Tohope And Change - Mothra!

Mothra is among the strangest movies ever made. It's a pure fantasy set in the modern world in which crime and heroism and romance are abundantly evident. It also introduces us to "Roliscia", a strange place which blends together the United States and the Soviet Union into a bizarre blend of political satire. And if all that wasn't enough we get the "Small Beauties" and an enormous moth to boot. The "Small Beauties" (played in minature by a twin pop singing duo called "The Peanuts") is the voice of the monster/god "Mothra", a creature worshiped on the distant Infant Island. When all of this uncovered, a criminal kidnaps the Beauties and Mothra emerges and comes to take them home. Japan suffers as a result.

In Mothra, Ishiro Honda's aspirations of world peace become more immediately manifest as we are presented with a weird concoction of the Cold War alongside simple greed and crime. Mothra levels the playing field l(quite literally) as the enormous wings blow down the places humans live, exposing us to one another and to the world. One cannot hide in the bejeweled eyes of Mothra, a mighty god indeed. I love the move Mothra, a fantasy of a compelling nature which takes weird impossible elements and makes of them a frothy story worth experiencing time and again.

More to come.

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