Saturday, June 16, 2018

A Day In The Anti-Life - Reign Of Error!

In recent months I have made conscious attempts to steer away from news coverage of our loathsome "so-called" President and instead tried to fill my life with more uplifting presentations. The daily assaults on truth, honesty, integrity, and honor which flow from the White House daily make me ashamed to be an American citizen. I did not vote for the odious Trump, but so many of my kith and kin did that I feel responsible still that we have allowed such a troll to occupy the highest office in our land. He is keenly unfit for office, a fact revealed almost hourly as he spews venom in all directions save Russia's oligarch-in-chief and other enemies of freedom across the globe. That this creature has taken hold of our government is awful enough, but that he is supported in so many quarters is what frightens me most.

I was confident that even if the vile Trump did attempt his tricks that eventually even his fellow Republicans would rise up against his worst outrages, especially after having gotten their long-sought tax cuts. But still they quiver, putting political expediency ahead of moral courage and true patriotism. Instead of curbing the excesses of our "so-called" leader, they lick his boots and echo his words in moronic chants which serve to undermine the rational application of governmental forces. We are in feuds with our staunchest allies in wars past and embrace enemies who are proven murderers many times over. Virtue is ridiculed and crime is overlooked as the sociopath who preens in the White House equates the murder and suppression of innocents with mere political gamesmanship. His ignorance is breathtaking, even now after months, years even of listening to his prattling nonsense.

What I see clearly now is that no amount of rational discussion and fact checking is going to sway someone who believes in the lies of Donald Trump. His "cult" as it as been identified by some, is built on emotions and in many cases very ugly ones. I don't condemn all who voted for him, because that would suggest that voters who have been told by candidates for decades that it was wise to treat Mexican immigration as a top-tier crime wave and that putting the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem is a good idea wanted someone who would actually follow through. Lies have been promulgated for years and years and it was and is the responsibility of leaders to tell their people the truth, even the hard truth. If that had been done, then a Trump would never have found the fodder with which he could kindle the fire which burns through our national governance.

To escape the noxious fumes of the daily news I have taken to fiction, movies in particular to find messages more uplifting than the lies which tumble out of  my own American government. What that particular fiction is I will discuss tomorrow.

Rip Off


  1. Thank you for speaking the truth so eloquently Rip. I agree 1000 percent. The man is a walking, talking dumpster fire – and he needs to be put out now.

    1. Sadly it's a slow-burning dumpster fire and we'll have just tend it while it continues to burn until voters can douse it at last.

      Rip Off


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