Friday, June 1, 2018

"E" Is For Energy--"E" Is For E-Man!

This month is dedicated to my favorite superhero -- E-Man who was created by Nicola Cuti and artist Joe Staton for Charlton Comics way back in 1973. He was an attempt by Charlton to re-enter the superhero field after the demise of the beloved "Action Heroes' several years earlier under the leadership of Dick Giordano.

E-Man didn't touch off a new wave of superheroes exactly, but the character has had a long long life traveling after the demise of Charlton to First Comics, Comico Comics, Alpha Comics, and others before ending his illustrious run this past winter from Charlton Neo in conjunction with AC Comics. Joe Staton picked up the rights to the hero he co-created and he and Cuti (among some few others) have crafted new E-Man tales off and on for decades. Now it seems that has come to an end, and I for one want to revisit the great series of yarns which I will do this June.

So expect some Dojo Classic reviews to resurface and such along with some new comments on the most energetic superhero ever conceived. Along with Alec Tronn, there will be Nova Kane, Mike Mauser, Teddy Q,  and many more delightful characters. "E" is Energy, "E" is for E-Man!

Rip Off


  1. Looking especially forward to this month's posts!

    1. You should enjoy them as I link out to your wonderful site many times during the course of the reviews I'm re-running on the original series. These are some of the best comics produced in the Bronze Age and it's a joy to take another gander at them.

      Rip Off

  2. One of my favorite characters of all time. I’ve tracked down every comic he appears in (including the new ones from Neo) as well as obscure cameos. Looking forward to this.


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