Friday, January 26, 2018

The Savage Sea Change!

It makes me ashamed to be a man for God's sake. The recent story about this one particular fool of a congressman has really got to say a lot about the total obtuseness of men when it comes to what constitutes professional behavior around the women who work for them. The olden days of "Camelot" when JFK had a "cookie" hidden in every back room, and the not-that-long-ago time when "Slick Willy" was getting his little president polished in the Oval Office (or nearby) point to behavior so rotten that it must be expunged from the natural discourse.

People will yammer about how it was consensual in the latter case of course, but the employer-employee relationship makes it awful regardless and makes the idea of "consensual" nonsensical. The loathsome dotard who now occupies the office paid off a porn star to keep his dalliance a secret and has gotten Billy Graham's scion to back his play.  (They had to fabricate nonsense about Obama, but Trump's real life is all the grist anyone should ever need.) The misbehavior of men around women is sadly the history of the world, but that history must change and hopefully dismissing the pussy-grabbin' creep who currently "leads" the free world will be merely a single milestone in the transformation which must come.

Wise up guys -- things are changing!

Rip Off


  1. I hope you’re right about a change coming. I suspect this is so myself, but its hard to be optimistic about anything after the way 2017 went down… BTW “The Loathsome Dotards” would be a great name for a punk rock band :-j

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