Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Right Kirby Stuff!

I want this. In the Jack Kirby canon the Sky Masters of the Space Force have in many ways been the most elusive of his projects. The series has had a few collections over the decades, but I've managed to miss them all and only have a few installments which ran in Comics Revue. Now at last we have what appears to be a quality reprint of the Sunday color pages.

The dailies for this comic strip project were reprinted recently by Hermes Press. I didn't pop the cork on that for the simple reason it didn't contain the color sections and Hermes dailies can be a little suspect (too few per page for my tastes). But I'll likely add this to my list since I want to read the Sky Master of the Space Force saga in its brief entirety.

Rip Off


  1. You're not alone.
    I can scarcely believe this exists now. I had kind of thought we hadn't seen them before because the strips were lost, otherwise surely they would have been collected before now.
    Or so i had thought.
    Thanks for putting this on the radar. Me wants.

    1. They have been collected in the past, but those are currently pretty pricey. Greg Theakston's Pure Imagination has a collection I know. Now we have one we can afford and it claims to be complete. I'm eager.

      Rip Off


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