Sunday, January 14, 2018

Chilling Adventures In Sorcery!

Behind this typically moody Francesco Francavilla cover are some truly tasty classics from the weird history of Archie Comics. I picked up this volume of Chilling Adventures in Sorcery because it advertised the art of two favorites -- Gray Morrow and Alex Toth. These two along with Vincente Alcazar and Carlos Pino draw most of the stories here with another by Bruce Jones and a page by Frank Thorne. What really surprised me in this black and white volume were the two original issues of the series which featured Sabrina and were done in the classic Archie style by artists Stan Goldberg and Dan DeCarlo. To be honest the B&W format does not maximize these tales, but they are still good to have. On the contrary the B&W approach is ideal for the rest of the more realistic yarns by Morrow and his team. Gray Morrow draws most of these with Alcazar a close second. Both of the contributions by Toth and Thorne appear to be from later issues in the run. Speaking of that I assume and hope that we will get a second volume of this which will give us the remaining issues of the Sorcery run under the Red Circle banner and perhaps the three issues of Mad House which were also done by Morrow and his compatriots.

Here are the covers of the issues which are contained in this tome. We have all stories as far as I can tell along with some text horror tales to boot.

Rip Off

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