Monday, January 1, 2018

My Queen Of The Misty Isles!

I have dreaded writing this post. Last year I lost my wife of forty years, my beautiful Lizzie. She was the love of my life and I still cry for her each and every day. I miss her with all my heart and will love her till my dying day. I took that vow of parting only in death, and in my case our bond will only end with my death, whenever that day comes. She was my better half and now half of me is gone for good.

I am lucky though to have my beloved daughters, who dote on their old man and take time to call him each and every day. Work has been a balm, a thing to do which demands planning for the future and that's been quite good. This blog has been a wonderful place to find repose and spend my thoughts on tiny unimportant matters which demand vigorous attention.

This coming year I will continue to come to terms with what life means without my mate, and I will take steps to close down portions of our lives together in anticipation of moving to a new place and new stage in life eventually. There is no hurry and I'm very lucky to have options about retirement. I can go when I want, and right now I need to work, so it's good to have a focus beyond this house and the little dog which shares my bed now. He was her dog and now he's mine, but it's as if we share our loss in each other's company and that's not nothing.

I am far from a Prince Valiant but nonetheless I  lost my Princess Aleta last year. But for as long as I live, she will live in my memory and I will keep her close. It's the least I can do for a woman who deserved the best of life and got stuck with me. I wanted to take care of her for the next twenty years, now I get to take care of her memory - the sweet memory of my very own Queen of the Misty Isles.



  1. A very touching tribute, Rip. Kind thoughts to you and your little dog.

  2. Your abiding love is crystallized in these words, Rip. Your fortitude is an inspiration.

  3. I bet she loved you very much too and will always be with you in spirit

  4. Too many of my friends and acquaintances have suffered cruel losses this past year. All I can do is let those folks know how important and appreciated they are. It's the biggest cliche in the world, but it's true. So:

    You deny being a prince, but your dignity, humility, and depth of feeling tell the world you're better than any prince.

    1. That's a sweet thought. Thanks.


  5. One who died is only a little ahead
    of the procession all moving that way.
    When we round the corner, we'll see her again.
    We have lost her for only a moment
    because we fell behind,
    stopping to tie a shoelace.
    ---J. M. Barrie

    I hope the above offers some comfort,
    that my sincere condolences cannot.

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