Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Blasting Off Into The Past!

I well remember as a lad gazing into the Sears catalog with wide eyes at the incredible toys contained on its pages. Most all of them were well beyond my reach as I had no money of my own and no really practical way to order anything I might want anyway.

The pages were filled with toy soldiers, spacemen and such, and the myriad gear and whatnots that were needed to make them better still.

On some pagers were robots and on some pages were astronauts and on some pages were cowboys, but all the pages held dreams. There were dreams of toys that I'd never have and dreams of what those toys represented.

Blast Off! is a tome which was released by Dark Horse over fifteen years ago, and I don't really know when I snagged a copy, but it was one of those books that was just too pretty to let lay.

Likely I got it for a discount and that made it even more charming to my wandering eye. The book is filled like the Sears catalog of my boyhood with toys I'll never have. These are toys from earlier decades -- the 30's through the 50's,-- but they are decades as far from me as those toys in the Sears catalog so long ago.

They are part of dream tapestry of vibrant images of a fun and adventure without the costs which adulthood responsibilities bring to bear.

Rip Off

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