Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Turkey's Revenge!

The Giant Claw is one of those movies that has to be seen to be believed. This vintage monster movie offers up one of the most outlandish giant critters of all time and space, an enormous space bird which is supposed to look like a vulture I guess, but always reminds me of a dang-blasted turkey. (This movie is a "turkey" in more than one way too.)

The saga of this flying invader from an anti-matter portion of space (or from the distant past -- it seems they were undecided) is populated by some of the most argumentative characters ever put on the screen. Almost everyone in this movie seems to be in a really bad mood, and there is considerable sniping and carping about all manner of things as the story unfolds. Jeff Morrow in particular seems painfully unhappy throughout this little movie. You'd think being next to a bonafide bombshell like Mara Corday would lift his spirits, but it doesn't seem to.

Here for your viewing pleasure is a handy-dandy condensed version of the tale. It contains all the key monster-doing-damage scenes as well as doing a more than decent job capturing the general tone of the flick.

And by the way, consult this chart of the relative sizes of battleships too. It will make sense later.

Enjoy! And try not to think of this birdbrained menace when you carve up your turkey dinner later today.



Rip Off


  1. I've seen clips of this movie before and before I even saw the picture you posted I was saying, "It's as big as a battleship"

  2. This movie is a hoot to watch. Just posting all that makes me want to dig out my VHS and give it another complete go.

    But first let me get my pants! Sheesh!

    Rip Off

  3. won't comment on pants (or how often I may or may not be wearing them myself)

    But I've got a broken VCR and a lot of VHS tapes. But it's hard to justify buying another one when I should really just replace them with DVD editions


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