Saturday, November 19, 2011

Judo Down Under!

This is a beautiful black and white ad from the back of the cover to the Australian comic Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #16 from publisher K.G.Murray. The art is reworked from the cover of Special War Series #4 which debuted Charlton's original martial artist, Judomaster. The use of color just on the logo is really effective and the black belt across the ad is quite clever.

I really like how this look in stunning black and white. Frank McLaughlin's artwork looks fantastic here.

The ad below takes the cover for Yang #1 and gives it the same treatment for an earlier issue of the same series, and to very fine effect.

Warren Sattler's artwork really shines in glorious black and white.

These ads are my way of announcing that the Yang reports, interrupted when my computer went blooey a few months ago will start again soon and will follow the western adventures of Yang and his cousin Sun Yang in the spin-off House of Yang as well.

Rip Off

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