Friday, November 18, 2011

No More Mister Nice Guy!

It seems almost obligaory now for everyone who discusses comics to have an opinion about Frank Miller's recent rant on the Occupy Wall Street protesters. Here's a link if by some fluke you've missed this most recent comic book universe dust up. (We do take ourselves so very seriously don't we.)

Personally I find it amusing and sometimes distressing in a minor way, when folks cast slings and arrows upon celebrities or artists who believe certain things in certain ways. We don't have to agree with folks to appreciate their talent. And I don't defend Miller's right to say what he says, because right now I don't have to. It's all too apparent that he has not only the right, but the means to project his opinion into the arena with great potency. Outstanding!

Do I agree with him? Not much, maybe a little about the incoherent anarchic quality to some of the protest. So what! Let him carry on all he wants, if it makes him feel good. Does it change how I see him? Perhaps just a little. Am I a bit surprised folks didn't see some of this in him already given the rough nature of the books he creates and the movies he makes? A little.

His take-no-prisoners-every-man-for-himself attitude seems to have been amply on display as far as I can tell. It's only a few steps removed from the Fuck-You-I've-Got-Mine attitude which seems to be way much of the well-to-do in these United States feel these days.

Knock 'em dead Frank. I'll still buy as much of your stuff as always, because I didn't buy all that much of it to begin with. But that had nothing to do with politics. Rant on my man!

Maybe you can guess from this post which was the last Frank Miller comic I really gave a hoot about. Actually Sin City is pretty good too.

Rip Off


  1. My problem with Frank was not with what he said but the way he said it. It was a vicious, angry attack that not only showed his general ignorance of what he was ranting about but also took swipes at his own fan base. He most certainly can rant all he wants but it's just been adding to the feeling that this author who once had his finger on the pulse of America seems to have lost himself to power and money and is now willing to foist crap like the recent HOLY TERROR on his fans and just expect them to love it.

  2. There is a definite snarl to his comments. And it's not ignorance that gets me often, but an apparent growing trend to take comfort and even pride in that ignorance. Some of that is on display in Miller's rant too.

    Rip Off

  3. I pretty much agree with everything you've said- from the Occupy movement itself, to Miller's right to express himself on it, to the effect this will have on my opinions on Miller's work. I've always despised Miller's artwork, and I've enjoyed his writing on Daredevil and Batman: Year One, but not much else. Also, I found his rant to be more amusing than otherwise. It may have been angry and vicious, but so much so that I can only laugh at it rather than be indignant.


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