Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The 3-D King!

3-D is one of those concepts which has come and gone over the decades, a fad that keeps popping up in films and elsewhere. In comics one name has been identified with the fad in many of its incarnations.

Jack Kirby and his partner Joe Simon were behind Captain 3-D a comic in which the hero is from anther dimension literally. Here's a sample page at this link to see the process.

Later Kirby supplied covers for Marvel's nostalgic look back at the 50's, the heyday of the first 3-D craze with 3-D Man.

And Kirby was the artist tapped to create Battle for a Three-Dimensional World, a showcase for Kirby's artwork and the techniques of 3-D production.

The essential trouble with 3-D is that is must constantly call attention to itself. It's in many ways too self conscious to completely integrate inside the larger imagination. It remains a fad destined to wax and wane over time.

Sadly we no longer have Jack "King" Kirby to illustrate the next wave.

For more on Kirby's 3-D comic and more check out this link.

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