Saturday, May 1, 2021

In Memory Yet Green!

As has become traditional the Dojo will take a short hiatus in memory of my beloved wife Elizabeth who passed away four years ago this week. I will not burden you with my emotions, save to say that she will always be my wife and I will always cherish her memory as if we were both of us young yet again. She was my youth and filled my years with true companionship and love. 

Her memory is yet green as Isaac Asimov once put it. Her golden hair still shines and I count myself lucky and blessed to have been her choice for so many years. 

We'll be back amigos...soon. 




  1. Take it easy Dean and R.I.P. Elizabeth, gone but not forgotten.

  2. Touching sentiment to your lovely wife's memory Rip - take care

  3. So very heartfelt, expressing perfectly the depths of love we feel for our spouses, more than we can ever fully express, even the most eloquent among us. But your post today is exceptionally eloquent.