Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Favorite Comic Artist Countdown #50 - Paul Ryan!

Paul Ryan was a rarity, a classic artist in the era of Image. When the free-wheeling Image artists exploded across the field many others were forced to change or disappear from the pages of the day. The dynamics of the Image boys are clear, but also quite clear were weaknesses in draftsmanship and storytelling. Paul Ryan never fell victim to the trend, but continued (often partnered with Tom DeFalco) to deliver classic looking comic stories, well crafted and compelling. Ryan's turn on the Fantastic Four is among the sturdiest from that venerable series. Ryan honed his talent on the New Universe title D.P.7 and later on Quasar. He had good run on The Avengers before taking off to DC for a time. Later Ryan took his toys and became the artist on Lee Falk's seminal hero The Phantom. He was on this gig still when he died far too young.

Rip Off


  1. Loved his Susan Storm/Richards.

  2. I think I kept buying comics for as long as I did because his art on FF was so solid. I didn't care for the writing though, so I was out around FF 400.


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