Friday, February 22, 2019

Favorite Comic Artist Countdown #40 - Marie Severin!

Is there anyone who didn't like Marie Severin? I doubt it. She always seemed to be worthy of the sobriquet "Mirthful" with that ever-present smile in the photos I've seen. She was the "little" sister of the great John Severin, and cut her teeth coloring comics for EC Comics way back when. She was the queen of the technical crews at Marvel and then as the books began to multiply she became an artist with no small skills, a true storyteller with a distinctive and attractive style. I imprinted on her style on the Hulk, but really fell in love with her work when she took a memorable turn on the Sub-Mariner. And then there was Not Brand Echh, the satire comic Marie Severin was born to illustrate -- her warm inviting style and absolute mastery of likenesses mader her ideal.  Severin was the go-to on covers in the early Bronze Age and some outstanding layouts of classic covers can be seen all over the internet. She was a rare high-profile woman working in a field filled with men. That's changed, but Marie was a pioneer of sorts. Ms. Severin passed away late last year alas, a sad day for all Marvel Age fanboys indeed because we all like Marie.

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  1. The first time I was aware of Marie Severins art was in the UK Mighty World of Marvel comic in the early 70s on the Hulk , been a fan ever since. It was in that self same comic that I first saw her cartoon strip art ( although had seen snippets of her cartoon art previously in fanzines) on a 2 page spread showing Marvel and DC hero's at a fun fare ( will need to track that down again) she was as brilliant cartoonist as she was an adventure artist. As you say "who didn't like Marie Severin" she could do all styles.... brilliantly.


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