Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Secret Origin Of Ultron!

In the modern Marvel Universe the "Age of Ultron" is almost upon us. So lots of folks will be talking about Dr.Pym's nefarious robotic baby. Weighing in on the subject in the latest issue of Alter Ego, Roy Thomas offers up the secrets behind Ultron's creation.

It turns out that Roy was inspired to create a his "indestructible antagonist" for the Mighty Assemblers by an old issue of Captain Video comics which lived in his memory. In that issue we meet "Makino", a robot who has destroyed his own creator and who imagines he can rule all of mankind. Here's a peek.

Makino's toothy maw sure looks familiar. Take a gander at Ultron's debut on the last page of Avengers #54. To read the first part of the story check out this vintage link. To read the rest see this link.

Jarvis in this epic double reveal is the agent of the then unknown Ultron. He would soon turn on the creature who had caused him to betray his employers. Ultron revealed used the Masters of Evil to confront the Avengers, but Ultron's true motivations would be unknown for a few issues. Eventually we meet the Vision and discover that Ultron was the creation of Henry Pym.

A few issues later he returns and the Avengers defeat him at the United Nations of all places.

His enmity for his creator, his loathing for mankind has proven to be a toxic motivation which has kept Ultron one of the most potent Avengers villains for decades.

Here is a short cover gallery of some of his better appearances.

For more details on the creation and evolution of Ultron be sure to check out the next few issues of Alter Ego.

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