Monday, January 7, 2013

The Newest Marvel Super-Star!

Or perhaps not.

The Gibbon has not gone on to have a particularly stellar career as a baddie in the Marvel Universe. While animal-inspired villains like Doctor Octopus and The Lizard have both been featured in major motion pictures, The Gibbon remains a distinctly under-valued asset in the canyons of Hollywood. I will have to say they got a couple of well-crafted Johnny Romita covers out of the character.

For an interesting conversation on Martin Blank's alter ego check out this link.

And if you simply want to know what the heck a Gibbon is, see this one. Oh Stan! What were you thinking?

Rip Off


  1. The Gibbon is the original Beast gone a bit bad, though. I have to admit that, alongside the Kangaroo, Marty is one of my favourite Romita Era villains. The likes of the Prowler or the Schemer or Man Mountain Marko never floated my boat.

    1. These old clunker villains are fun. They speak to a time when comics weren't quite so overwrought with continuity and dark themes. That something like The Kangaroo could exist irony free is from another time entirely.

      As for the Prowler, he's a fave of mine. Low-power and awesome!

      Rip Off


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