Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Seeker 3000!

This evocative and graceful 1978 Marvel Premiere cover by Dave Cockrum and Joe Sinnott dropped out of nowhere. The saga of Seeker 3000 immediately puts me in the mind of those classic Star Trek adventures, a dynamic captain and his determined and varied crew in a sleek spaceship poised to cruise across the depths of space. That was doubtless intentional.

 The actual comic book story by underrated scribe Doug Moench and painfully underrated artist Tom Sutton gives us something a bit stranger still. It's rather high-concept sci-fi. To read the lone Bronze Age adventure of Seeker 3000 check out this link.

In 1998 Marvel decided to finally exploit this lost gem. First they reprinted the story from Marvel Premiere #41 under a new cover by Andrew Currie and Art Nichols, which intentionally evokes the Cockrum original.

This was done to promote the four-issue limited adventure written by Dan Abnett and Ian Edgington. Here is a the complete cover gallery.

Apparently the series never caught on, and these six comics are all that exist of the intriguing universe of Seeker 3000. I've never read the follow up stories, but I suspect they might be found in many a back issue bin. Might be worth the time, or perhaps not.

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  1. i need to check this out, i've spent 4ever trying to find the name again

  2. you should maybe give us a story synopsis issue by issue


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