Thursday, January 24, 2013

Secrets From The Grave!

Despite an early call to my local vendor, I missed the only copy of The Kolchak Papers: Grave Secrets by that much (as Maxwell Smart was wont to say). I'm eager to read this original story by Mark Dawidziak, a noted Kolchak scholar. This was apparently the first of a failed 90's attempt to launch a series of novels starring Kolchak in some original tales.  This one got published but no more. Moonstone has made it available again, apparently through a warehouse find.  Now my copy is on back order and I hope I get one. If I find it elsewhere I will snap it up for sure.

At the time this was published Kolchak stories were limited to the two TV movies, the much-too-brief TV series and a couple of novelizations by Kolchak creator Jeff Rice. I've dabbled in Moonstone's efforts with Kolachak in a limited way, getting their prose efforts and some select comics collections, but a lot of the crossover stuff I'm letting slip by. It's the core Kolchak stories that interest me most, and he's a very touchy character who doesn't mix well in other venues in my opinion.

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