Thursday, January 17, 2013

Fingers Of Fate!

What exactly is happening in this striking cover illustration by the great Berni Wrightson? I thought that Cousin Abel was using his finger as a makeshift candle, which emits haunted smoke. But looking at it closer it almost looks like he's closely investigating some toxic snot, or sentient puss, or noxious ooze or something. The little ghostly smoke is telling, but of what I cannot say. What am I looking at? Help me please.

Rip Off


  1. In all my years of seeing this I never noticed it! I just assumed he, being the dopey brother, was staring at his fingers on fire! Amazing that DC got it past the Comic Code Authority..."Now children, don't do this at home"

    1. I occurs to me now that perhaps Wrightson wanted everyone staring at Abel's finger with the same gaping stare that he puts on the poor benighted host's mug.

      Rip Off


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