Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Tale Of Twin Tusks!

Back to the Stone Age is the fifth installment of Edgar Rice Burrough's Pellucidar series. Here's a link with more information on the book and some juicy artwork.

My copy of the book is the Ace paperback featuring the lusty Frank Frazetta cover. This is one of Frazetta's most dynamic works, the mammoth's head overwhelming the brawny warrior.

I was reminded of this Frazetta classic when I got hold of the second issue of The Knights of Pendragon an above average British Marvel comic featuring among others Captain Britain. The cover by Alan Davis is dynamic too, and very much captures the same perspective as Frazetta's Pellucidar painting.

Rip Off


  1. The Davis cover, though nice, is hindered by Marvel's rule that the hero had to be recognizable on the cover, resulting in the 3/4 view rather than the more dramatic rear view Frazetta used.


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