Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sutton Death!

Here's an exquisite Tom Sutton painting for the fourth issue of Charlton's Scary Tales featuring vampire hostess Baroness R.H.Von Bludd.

She's a dangerous beauty indeed.

Here's a tiny bit of an interview that Sutton did with Comics Journal about doing covers like this one.

GROTH: You did some covers for Charlton, and I have one really nice cover painting you did for Charlton, on Ghostly Tales. How did you come to do cover paintings for them?

SUTTON: Because I wanted to. That's an inadequate answer, I guess. I think that's why a lot of people bothered with them who could do otherwise. There was none of this bullshit that big companies had. If you wanted to do a cover, you didn't send a pencil rendering to be approved. You just did the cover.

Here's a link to that interview.

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