Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Spirit Of The 60's!

Here are the covers from the Harvey reprints of Will Eisner's classic stories, plus a few new bits. Adding these two classics to my collection was a real boon.

Below is a then-new story by Will Eisner for the Harvey debut.

And here's another story from issue #2. For the whole thing check out this link.

Rip Off


  1. I've got these two...they are the worse for wear because I got them from 50 cent bins back in the day...but they are a couple of my favorite comics ever...I planned on putting them and several of the WARREN issues's covers on my favorite covers blog...and now...I guess it's time.

  2. In 1966, the New York Herald-Tribune devoted an issue of it's Sunday magazine to pop art and comics.
    Besides an article about Marvel Comics (which contained Stan Lee stating that Jack Kirby created the Silver Surfer), there was a NEW Spirit story set "present-day", with the entire cast (except for The Spirit) aged twenty years!
    It was reprinted in one of DC's Archive editions.

  3. Mikey - The Warren books are among my sentimental faves, but when I go to read the stories I dig out the Kitchen Sink copies. Those Warren covers are lush though.

    Britt - Thanks for the reminder on that NYH-T story. I actually have that one in an early issue of Alter Ego (#2 of the third volume 1999). Here's a link to the solicit:

    Alter Ego #2


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