Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Elisabeth Sladen RIP

Sarah Jane Smith has passed away. I'm not a Doctor Who fanboy or anything, but I do enjoy the series and when I first plugged into it so many decades ago, Tom Baker and Elisabeth Sladen were knocking it out of the park. Later I got to see her teamed with Jon Pertwee, and in recent years of course she's reprised her role on The Sarah Jane Adventures and in episodes of Doctor Who.

She was a gorgeous woman, and she had undefinable charm that connected with an audience immediately. Her wit, spunk, and sparkle made Doctor Who shine as it has not alas always done over the years. She will always be the best of the companions. God speed Sarah Jane.

Here's a link with some few more details.

Rip Off


  1. So sad about dear Elizabeth,a great actress and lovely lady who brought true talent and magic to the screen,may she rest in peace and she won't be forgotten by the actors that worked with her or fans and my deepest sympathies go to her family and close friends,goodbye dear Elizabeth.


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