Friday, July 12, 2019

Up, Up And Going Away!

Just felt a need to look on the Statue of Liberty today, and to reflect on the nation I wish to live in. The news that massive raids are contemplated and even planned for the whole of the country makes me feel fundamental sadness for my homeland. We ought not be about this, not this.

For some added value on this minimal post check out this Dojo entry featuring more than a few Statue of Liberty comic covers (including the one above) from several years back.

Rip Off


  1. Currently reading Death Of A Nation: 911 And The Rise Of Fascism in America by George W. Grundy (2017) … Quite eye-opening…Meanwhile, the Neo-Con Train rolls on - while most Americans keep their heads buried in the sand…

    1. Alas, I might be one of those sand dwellers. I have spent most of the summer actively avoiding the news, just checking a few times a day to see if war has broken out. Despite a rolling deluge of scandals, the current "leadership" dawdles along. I'll check out that book.

      Rip Off


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