Sunday, July 21, 2019

Girls, Girls, Heike!

I've been on a jungle girls kick of late and while sorting some vintage Nyoka the Jungle Girl covers I was once again struck by this beauty as rendered by Mark Heike. I'll be attending to a bevy of jungle girl movies as the week progresses, but for today let's enjoy some finely rendered Indy artwork by a talent who currently runs AC Comics if I have my facts up to date.

I first ran across Mark Heike's name on the old Charlton Bullseye, the one from the 80's which was used to showcase amateur and new talent as the company wheezed its final few breaths before staggering out of existence. Then Heike's name showed up on the aforementioned AC Comics, material I really liked and Heike's talent for drawing a damsel was amazing. His earliest stuff has such a delicate sweet feel to it. Here are some of his early highly tasty covers for Bill Black's Florida-based outfit.

Rip Off

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