Friday, September 21, 2018

Severin Package Part 1 - The Incredible Hulk!

The passing of Marie Severin was a blow. I've grown accustomed to the talents I grew up admiring and enjoying slipping off this mortal coil, all must we all, but Marie was different. She was one of those few artists who I imprinted on when I first discovered comic books. Among the earliest titles I fell in love with were Tales to Astonish and The Incredible Hulk. Marie was the artist when I showed up the rodeo, assisted by Herb Trimpe.

In those days, artists were much associated with the characters they drew, even if in some cases they didn't draw them for all that long. Marie Severin drew the Hulk for quite a while beginning  with the Tales to Astonish #93 when old Greenskin encountered the Silver Surfer. Marie might well have been the first artist other than Kirby to draw the Surfer. Then it went on for a while with Hulk battling for his life in outer space against the High Evolutionary (another Kirby character) , on Earth against the Lords of the Living Lightning (possibly my first comic book ever) and later in Asgard. Then Hulk got his own title and battled against the Space Parasite, the Rhino, the Missing Link and the Mandarin. Marie stepped away from the Hulk and handed it off to Herb Trimpe who drew the series for years to come, making the title one of Marvel's most consistent. But where did Marie go? More tomorrow.

Here are her covers.

More Marie All Weekend!

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