Monday, September 24, 2018

Punishing Debut!

I have thoroughly enjoyed Marvel's True Believers comics, little cheap throwback comics from my heydays which in an instant transport me to sunnier days when comics were cheap (relatively) and for the most part fun, fun, fun. Comics have become mired in the goop of long-term planning and nothing happens which hasn't been schemed out months if not years in advance. But the thrill of comics of yore, but you never knew what the next month would bring, and a perfect example is The Punisher.

There was zero reason to think Amazing Spider-Man #129  would be any different than the issues before or after, solid comics by solid pros Gerry Conway and Ross Andru, a team which is to my way of thinking much underrated in their time on the Web-Spinner, but I digress.

The Punisher (designed by John Romita) literally appeared almost from nowhere and almost immediately struck a chord with comics readers looking for a wee bit more edge in their "heroes'. Wolverine would  likewise find purchase  after a random debut in the pages of the Hulk, and like the Punisher pointed the way to a more morally murky Marvel Universe. I don't necessarily approve, but there's no denying the impact.

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