Friday, March 18, 2011

The Last Good Wood!

Most of my posts are easily safe for work, and so is this one pretty much, but the link it discusses most certainly is not.

Wally Wood's clever style was ideal for cartoon pornography. His sweet images when blended with the reality of sexual activity created a tension that makes the whole greater than the sum of the sundry excited parts. It's a highly idealized world, titillating, and rarely grotesque.

His later career was marked by a great deal of such work, much of it of suspect quality. The story I'm talking about today might be the last good Wood story we have. It appeared in the debut of the comic book Gang Bang. Here's a possibly NSFW link giving the background on this series of comics. {To get a glimpse of the sexy cover see the bottom of this post.)

It's another romp through the world of Walt Disney for Mr.Wood. He did an infamous and excellent pornographic image featuring a gaggle of Disney characters for The Realist magazine. See this link where I talked about that.

Now Wally takes on the Disney classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. These edited images for the story give you a glimpse of what he's up to and confirm that this is the real Wally Wood. So will the title - So White and the Six Dorks.

What sets an artist like Wood apart when he delves into this material is his skill. He is able to make the story compelling apart from the sex bits. Admittedly this story is pretty hardcore, so it was a chore finding images I could even edit which show the characters, but these are recognizable for certain. This is a modern variation on the Tijuana Bible.

If you want to see the real deal, here's a link. It's definitely NSFW and sometimes when I accessed it I got some annoying pop ups, but otherwise it appears okay for viewing. And this link will take you to a for real Tijuana Bible version of the Snow White story, this one done in a very very crude style -- definitely NSFW.

If this proves to be your cup of tea, then enjoy. It's possibly the last good Wally Wood we have.

Oh and here's that cover I mentioned.

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