Thursday, March 31, 2011

Friends Of Old Gerber!

Above is the envelope featuring the great artwork of Jack Kirby and Alfredo Alcala. This holds some dandy artwork. Here's a description from the website The Gerber Curse:

"In 1982, Dave and Deni Sim published a portfolio called "F.O.O.G.", which stood for "Friends Of Old Gerber," to help raise funds for Gerber's legal battle. The project, which was initiated without Gerber's knowledge (he says he hadn't even met Dave and Deni Sim), featured 10 black and white plates (11" x 14") by Bernie Wrightson, Mike Kaluta, Charles Vess, Wendi Pini, Jeff Jones, Barry Smith, Marshall Rogers, Frank Thorne, Gene Colan, and Dave Sim, which came in a Duke "Destroyer" Duck envelope illustrated by Kirby and Alcala."

Here's a link to the website where you can read a great deal more about Gerber's career and his lawsuit against Marvel for the rights on Howard the Duck.

Below are some scans of that artwork. I am lucky to have one of these portfolios. It's a real bit of comics history. Note that the scans are pretty much as is, and do not expand much when you click on them. Sorry about that.

Dave Sim

Barry Windsor-Smith

Mike Kaluta

Gene Colan

Berni Wrightson

Marshall Rogers

Jeff Jones

Wendy Pini

Charles Vess

Frank Thorne

Hubba hubba!

Here's the cover of Destroyer Duck #1, the comic that paid for the lawsuit in some measure.

Here's a link to a Destroyer Duck cover gallery.

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  1. Ugh! The scans are the same size before and after clicking!

  2. That I know. I had them saved at another location and somehow there was a shake-up which squeezed down all the sizes. These are borrowed from here and yon and have been cleaned up as best I could, but make them bigger I could not do.


    Rip Off

  3. Man, I really miss that guy. (And I only met him once! Imagine if I'd actually known him!)