Friday, February 14, 2014

The Art Of Love!

In the early part of 1976 many Charlton Comics sported some very handsome painted covers. Tom Sutton, then a go-to artist at Charlton for some delightfully gruesome horror tales took some time and created some most memorable covers for the romance line of comics. A variety of comics once nigh ubiquitous on the newsstands, but at this time only Charlton was producing them. This burst was the genre's last strand really. Here are Sutton's covers for 1976. Some are not confirmed by him, but I'm reasonably confident.

A year before Joe Staton, famous at Charlton for the creation of E-Man, knocked out a cover for the romance line. It's his only such cover art that I'm familiar with. It's an action-filled scene, unusual for the form.

One of my favorite romance comic covers ever is this one by Mike Vosburg. Vosburg has always drawn a lovely lady and this hopeful young gal is no exception.

This one is perhaps another by Sutton. But I'm just not fully confident in that assertion. It seems to lack the jauntiness his other covers have, and the design seems too centered. But I'd love to know who it is. Anyone know?

Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

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