Friday, May 27, 2011

Some Good Radiation Byrnes!

John Byrne & Duffy Vohland

Above is a lively Captain Atom poster shot by John Byrne. Byrne really had some impact on the character after the original run.

In these scenes from the last story of the Doomsday +1 saga published in two parts in Charlton Bullseye, the team finds new duds, and Boyd gives a shout out to Joe Gill's and Steve Ditko's good Captain.

Here's another shot of Captain Atom, in a classic Gil Kane down-and-out pose at the mercy of his arch enemy The Ghost.

John Byrne & Duffy Vohland

Byrne inked the last Steve Ditko Charlton story starring Captain Atom. Those stories from Charlton Bullseye have been featured on this blog before, and you can find them here and here.

You get the feeling that Byrne really would'nt have minded drawing some episodes of Captain Atom. It's a pity it never developed.

Rip Off

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